Urban Dictionary

Waktu saya lagi jalan jalan di forum menemukan link kepada Urban Dictionary nah berhubung Iseng saya mencari cari arti dari kata ‘Mariana

tau gak artinya apa? hihihihihihihi

  • the most amazing girl you will ever meet
    • dayumm look at Mariana
  • My amazing girl 🙂
    • Mariana is my lil’ scrubby =]
  • The funniest, prettiest, coolest, smartest, most awesome person ever. She pwns you at school with a 3.9 GPA, pwns you at video games having beaten Paper Mario 2 six times, pwns you at awesomeness with her existence, and just pwns kthnx. She has no life, but that’s okay, because her awesomeness makes up for it. She makes her friends lol on a regular basis, because she’s cool like that. She’s crazy and basically nothing scares her. She also hates surprises, so don’t even try it.
    • That girl is amazing! Definitely a Mariana.
  • Here’s a real, non-biased definition:
    It’s a person’s name, and it means maiden of the sea.
    • Hi, Mariana.
  • She is the most awesomenest person you will ever meet..no joke! She is very sensative, smart, loves sports, and likes to hang out with friends. She hates fake bitches and is looking for a guy who is nice and isn’t afraid of asking her out. If you ever meet a Mariana you are so dayumm lucky!!
    • “who were you talking to?

      “Dayumm your so lucky!”

Keren gak tuh? hahahaha dari dulu udah nyangka pasti artinya bagus.



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