Changing Looklet Background

Okay as I promise, I will write about myself, like featured my own self πŸ˜€ and of course Changing Looklet Background

First of all thank you for viewing my blog, sorry for my English, is not my native πŸ˜€ and this post dedicated to all of Lookleters (especially for them whose viewing my page :D).


I am not recommend you to used this tutorial to editing your look extremely uncontrollably, Thanks to Fifka for realize me to open my cache dir πŸ˜›

Changing Looklet Background, is not too hard but all you need is to be patient. Looklet is digital fashion studio and bla bla bla you know that.

It was layering game. such as Jojo Fashion Show. picture by picture, but since Looklet team patched their site, the image (used as Background, the clothes, the model except the effect) the image is *must revalidate* mean you need to downloading the same pic for second, third and later connection,and your bandwidth will be spent much more before Looklet patched their site 😦 (i’s okay if you play in Korea, but if you in pedalaman Indonesia, pake kuota pula haha recommend not play this game πŸ™‚

so you just have one way to change you Looklet background (i just know one way sorry, i don’t know if it still another way :mrgreen: )

all you need is

  1. Picture editor, I’m using Adobe Photoshop as always
  2. creativity
  3. Looklet id

when you open the web, you found image, song all of those component saved in the folder we called cache it used to reduce bandwidth processing. You just need to find that folder in your computer

*sorry im using windows hehe. for all mac user i don’t know (ndak pernah icip icip pegang mac os saya)

open my computer and change your folder options so you can see the hidden folder πŸ™‚

change the folder options first

the folder options window will be open

after you change te folder setting, you can see all the hidden folder like ‘Local settings’ and ‘program files’

find the directory where your cache saved. it depend on your browser here’s mine

my cache directory, using Mozilla πŸ™‚

ndak jelas ya.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\zwd7o9ej.default\Cache

this is special directory hehe,Β  you don’t need to use you tube down loader to downloading video at you-tube used cache directory! hehe

mozilla\firefox blablabla is the directory to the cache, so it depend to your browser, if you browsing via flock for example the directory address will be

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Flock\Browser\Profiles\1dcg50jt.default\Cache

after you found your own directory address. you will see soo many files without extension. (I recommend to delete all of your cache so it will be easier for you)

you can delete directly or using your browser directly (ctl +a) + Del. hehehehe bye bye. or open your browser – Tools- clear recent history

and the new dialog window will be shown like below

Clear only the caches

after that back to my computer without closing your browser refresh the cache directory. and see it was clear hehe (ya iyalah) only 4 files. ignore that files.

after that you need to create your looks. print screen and edited.

edit Matilda, you also can change matilda's face with yours haha but i won't do that

you just can change the Effect!

that’s the rules. and the effect is transparent.

except! the magz effect., it combine to the 2 layers, the first i will used that one.

while you change the effect, You need to see your cache directory. see what is the latest file it could be the effect file!

fr example matte cover combine to the 2 layers. 7765625Ed01 and 8E7DFCC8d01 and those files is no ext. you need to rename it with ….*jpg to see the pic.

but i will used the fashion mag z effect. it was combine by 2 layers too, but they are not transparent. so you can change all up to you hehehe

20AE8CF0d01 and 4CFB0C18d01

now you have a model with her looks, play your creativity and change the model all up to you. for example i Will post the model look like this one

'will be post'

Look at the size!Β  268 Kb, is too high for the fashion magz effect! (the fashion magz effect is 177Kb you need to reduce the size!

I reduce my pic to be 168 Kb. named the file with 4CFB0C18d01.jpg delete the real 4CFB0C18d01 and then copy to cache directory,Β  rename again (your looks with your creativity) delete the extension. so the file become 4CFB0C18d01
and now go to your browser. pick to the fashion mag as your effect, Tralalala your looks has been change!

click save- finish πŸ™‚

thanks to Fifka the pioneer of changing looklet background


12 thoughts on “Changing Looklet Background

  1. im having problem saving it./ its perfectly done but when i’m trying to save it, it will come back to the original background. what to do after? thanks

  2. Misi, aku nanya pake bahasa indo aja yaa.. Folder Cache di laptop aku udah ketemu, terus file yang dipilih yang mana untuk mengubah background lookletnya? Lalu, ada aplikasi lain gak yang bisa untuk mengedit bg tsb selain Adobe Photoshop? Thanks a lot.. πŸ™‚

    • to know where is background looklet files, you must to know the code.
      or if you don’t know about that code, just clear your cache.
      the step to clear your cache
      (ex: use Firefox, Tools –> clear recent history –> clear cache –> ok)

      Refresh your folder cache.
      it will empty the folder except 4 files, and then pick your background or effect, the folder will substance the background or effect files.

      You could use the others editor image for editing the background.
      like Fifka use GIMP, but i am rathed use Adobe Photoshop cause, i use it for several long time.
      and i don’t have the other image editor.

      • hey sis, aku masih ga bisa2 menghapus extension file.nya, tetep aja .jpg walaupun udah dicoba berulang2 & dicopy ke folder cache..
        fast reply plsss.. thx :))

      • harus di delete (atau dipindahkan) dulu file sebelumnya
        setelah itu ekstensinya baru bisa dihapus.

        misalnya file kamu sekarang jadi
        nah di dalem folder cache itu ada file
        60B729F2 yang harus kamu hapus/pindahkan ke tempat lain.

  3. udah diapus, trus file yg baru diedit dr photoshop udah dicopy ke cache.. naah masih tetep .jpg
    lookletnya di refresh masih blom brubah
    aduuh pusing bgt mau ngapus ext .jpg doang -_-”
    btw aku ratna, salam kenal yaa πŸ™‚
    punya msn atau ym ga?? biar lebih gampang nanya2.nya haha πŸ˜€ maaf ngerepotin πŸ™‚

      • naah itu dia yg jadi masalah.. ga bisa2 ngapus ext .jpg nya.. udah di-rename tp tetep aja masih .jpg
        ga ngerti cara remove .jpg nya 😦
        bisa tlg dijelasin ga step by step remove .jpg nya?? (klo bisa sih pake print screen jg.. haha ngelunjak)
        makasih makasih πŸ™‚

  4. hai , boleh minta alamat ym nya gak? aku pengen belajar cara ngedit background looklet nih, aku sudah ikutin petunjuk nya, tapi masih gak bisa juga. mgkin krn bahasa inggris ku ga se jago kamu, hehe jadi aku pengen nanya langsung aja sama kamu nya? boleh ga?

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