My 21st age will going to start immediately.

First thank God to give me more than 20 years living in this world, your beautiful deadly earth, Thanks to match her (my mother) as my mom. Thanks to give me 3 undescribable sisters, thanks for all you already gave to me.

And now what i have done. I was finishing my 6th semester in Gundar, and will going the 7th soon. I could done Inul (what an unimportant thing!) I (don’t) know some syntax in programming language, I had some foreigner friends. I had so many cyber friends. I had friend from the real world, real friend.

What I will going to do from now on.

I will going to gratefull for my 20 years living in this earth,

I will finding boyfriend (oh my!)

I will live my life more organize (what a mess of life!)

Will be more confident, realistic to myself

Will going to be maturer

Will going to graduate! (wew. Seems like going to be far future!)

Will be more beautiful



I am young 21st and there are so long journey in front of me.

It will start immediately.


gak ngerti kenapa page ini kadang suka uring uringan saat dibutuhkan malah ga bisa update blog 😦


4 thoughts on “Birthday!

  1. Katanya, 21 adalah awal mulainya ‘hidup’ untuk dinikmati sampai 30.

    Apapun, selamat menikmati ulang tahun, dan dimulainya lembar baru hidupmu, Onit. Semoga yang terbaik selalu untukmu, selalu.

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